Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Xmas!

We´re waiting for my sisters who are in this moment on board crossing the channel between Gomera and Tenerife. The sea has waves of 2 metres but don´t worry; they´re over one of the biggest fast ferrys of Spain. The arrive has been delayed because for the last trip there was a loads of passangers with their own cars... a chaos.
I think tonight in the last 11 victims of the sea. Yesterday appeared them in the shore of Lanzarote. Poor people; sub-saharians men who haven´t see a beach or the ocean in their lives, suddenly together everybody in an small boat... and a captain who is an adolescent or simply somebody that only knows about navigation this sentence; "You follow the sunset". Three or four days lost in the sea and only survive the more stronger men. The mafias of Morocco win with each of them 1000€.
The modern slavery.