Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My home

This is my first post in English. Although my native languague is the Spanish I´ve friends in several countries. The common link between us is that we understand English.
I´ve thought in an intermediate solution; post which are about general issues will be in English but certain post about Spanish politician for example obviously will be in Spanish.
By the way, everybody is wellcome; if you need help about my language I´ll help you willingly.
Well, I explain the photo:
If you in some ocassion go to Africa probably they don´t ask you firstly "where are you from?", they´ll ask " where was you born?"... exist certain shadow of meanig between this question. For them is more important your link, connection with your first land and not is so important where you´re living now.
I was born in Gomera, and I live in this ravine in the upper valley. I feel very linked to this land... for me is isolated, rude while I´ve always thought that I´m so fragile for live in a place like this... but I feel a "force" or something similar... I can´t explain it but it´s wonderful.
OK, see ya.